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hope for a new generation

28 Sep

Be Love - Copyrighted

I have said it before so sorry if I keep repeating myself but I try not to focus on the news. It is after all one of the most depressing things you’ll see or read all day, especially at the moment with all the chaos happening around the world.

A lot of people think I bury my head in the sand but I believe that for my sanity and the sanity of the world that it helps not to focus on all the negativity and instead focus on love. It is without a doubt the only thing we need right now. Love would stop all this madness because when you come from a place of love it is impossible to commit the atrocities that are being committed at the moment.

If I let my imagination play havoc with my thoughts & think about a world without love, I start to fear for the generations coming up behind me. How does this endless stream of greed, control & violence affect their outlook on life? Does it desensitise them so  that it only becomes worse or will it eventually get to the point where it implodes upon itself and from it comes a period of love and happiness? I can only pray that it is the latter.

If you are a bringer of peace, a purveyor of love then I ask you to spread your story to the masses. It is time for us to focus on the possibilities that life can bring us and not on this chaos that is happening now. If what we think about, we bring about, isn’t it only sensible that we start to think about love and peace? For the sake of humanity, we have to change our way of thinking, we have to start to spread peace, not hate, make love, not war and accept each & every one of us as we are unconditionally. No one needs to change, we all just need to learn to adopt a live and let live attitude.

There is hope for the next generation but only if we start practicing a loving attitude today.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!


happy, happy, joy, joy!

27 Aug

Life is great! Life is fabulous! Life is…whatever you make it! So why not make it big & beautiful? We are on this planet for such a short time so I think it is very important to live as our real selves, our quintessential selves. Be true to yourself for you are the only person who can make yourself happy. And happiness is all we are here for – to experience joy. What gives you joy is different for everyone. It could be being of service to others or creating masterpieces or just ensuring your kids are loved well. Whatever your joy, your passion, bring it into your life without delay. When you feel joy in one area of your life, it spreads to the other areas of your life – career, family, relationships, health, etc.

Regardless of what we have been told by the media, we do not need the latest sports car or $100,000 sitting in our bank account to be happy. Whilst these things are nice to have, our happiness should not rely upon outside influences. Everything you need to be happy lies within. Close your eyes, breathe and it will come to you. Feeling joy just for the sake of it, is the best feeling in the world. It is a joy that is boundless. It is a joy that encompasses all of you. It fills you with an energy that gives you the courage to face your fears and move forward towards the life of your dreams. It can be loud and brash or quiet and soothing. Embrace it and you will see your life change beyond your wildest imaginings.

So think big, think happy and be true to yourself.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

know your power…

26 Jan

As I reflect on what goals I want to accomplish this year and finalise the final seven I am realising that there is power in the choices you make. We have the power to choose the way our life will be. Even if you give that power to someone else by letting them choose your direction, you are still making a choice, you are still using your power, albeit in not a very positive way.

I think back to all the times I gave my power away – to boyfriends…friends…bosses…I let them make decisions for me that should have been mine to make. But the only choice I made was to live from fear, to live from a perspective that someone else could make better decisions for me than me!

The metamorphosis has started for me as I take back my power and yield it in a way that is beneficial to me and ultimately beneficial to the people around me. I am realising that I can’t continue to live as I have been, dipping a toe in the pool of life and then withdrawing back to the edge because the water is too deep and what lies beneath the surface is unknown. This year my bathers are going to get wet!

I am tired of feeling depressed, anxious and worried because I am continually living my life out of sync with my quintessential self. Sometimes I think that maybe I’m going through a midlife crisis but then maybe our 40’s and 50’s are just the age we get to when our true self loses patience and says “Enough!”. I feel that this transformation can’t come soon enough. I feel like I have been living inside a chrysalis and this year is the year I will finally emerge as the beautiful butterfly I know I am.

Everything is changing or going, from out-dated values to a total physical makeover. Come December I will be living a life more congruent with my true, quintessential self. I know some of you are thinking that it takes years of self discovery to do what I want to do in one year but dear ones this has been going on for years, under the surface and now I am in the final stages where these changes manifest into my reality.

I’m not saying it will be easy but gosh I do hope it is exciting and full of experiences that will live in my heart forever!

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!


19 Jan

I can remember going for jobs in the 90’s and it was thought that if you were a good multi tasker that this was a positive thing and I was a good multi tasker. I could answer phones, type up reports, answer emails and eat my lunch all at the same time. And at the end of the day I would arrive home exhausted because my brain was overwhelmed by the frequent swapping from this task to that!

We now know that being able to multi task is actually not a great thing. You usually perform worse on the jobs that have been multi tasked and it can actually take longer to do the job because your brain is constantly having to change between tasks. And it also means that we are training our brains to have a shorter attention span. Multi tasking is inefficient and quite frankly a myth! We can only focus on one thing at a time.

If you have been an avid multi tasker like me you may now be finding it hard to pull back and simplify your thinking. I have decided that my theme for 2014 is “Self”. I am going to spend the year working on myself – and part of that work is to simplify my life. I have slowly been culling the things I do that are superfluous to a happy life. One of the first things I have culled is multi tasking. Even at work I have tried, where I can, to just do one job at a time. Obviously if the phone rings I have to answer it but rather than continuing on with the job I was doing before the phone rang, I stop what I am doing and give all my focus to the phone call. I have found in the short time I have been back at work that I have made fewer errors and I go home at the end of the day with energy left over.


But at home is where I really want to hone the skill of focus. I am in the process of creating my goals for the year. I have given myself to the end of January to have them finalised and rather than having fifty goals to complete I will have seven. Some of them may take more then a year to complete but all I want to focus on is what I can do this year to work toward that goal.

I am also focusing on what makes me happy. The other things that I think I should be doing because everyone else does it but I don’t really enjoy are going out with the trash! I am creating balance in what has been for the last 12 months a very unbalanced life.

So, my mantras for this year…

-Be Myself – Simplify – Reveal My Truth – Balance Where There Is Unbalance-<a
Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

the joy directive…

8 Apr

The Universe has been really throwing all it has at me. I have not been motivated to write at all because I have been caught in a downward spiral of negativity and frustration. After one particularly harrowing encounter I was searching the net looking for words of inspiration that would lift me up and out of this slump. I found some great manifestos which though inspiring, were always missing something for me.

I had written the Joy Directive a few years ago. It was originally a few lines that basically stated what I had set out to do with my life so that it was filled with joy. It was about what I could do for other people. Now as I have grown, I have realised that the Joy Directive should be about what I can do for myself to be joyful and then in turn be able to serve people better. So after hours of scribbling and doodling I have come up with a directive that motivates me every day to live as joyfully as I can.

I hope it inspires you to be happier in your life.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom

spreading the word…

20 Feb

As we start to spiritually evolve at a faster pace & people start to question their lives & the things they put importance on, I think that it is especially important for all of us to start spreading the word…love.

Love is the only way forward. I know that there may be some hard-arse, cynical people out there who will argue with me until they’re blue in the face but trust me when I say that I know the only way forward is through love. And how do I know this? It’s really very simple…I’ve tried both ways & love is way simpler, much more fun & of course, a much happier road to take. Yes! I hate to say it but I once was that hard-arse, cynical, pessimistic bitch that was always lamenting “WHY ME!!!” when crap hit the fan. It was a never-ending cycle of hard knocks & tough breaks (sorry for all the clichés) but that was my story.

Now when I look back on that part of my life, I wonder why I put myself through that. Life is so easy now. I just follow my bliss & things always turn out for the best. And if I do hit a challenge, it’s just that, a challenge, not the end of the world. When you come from love your coping mechanisms work effortlessly, your creativeness jumps into action to find a way around, under or over whatever you have come up against. And if it doesn’t work out as you had envisioned then it is exciting to know that the Universe has something so much better in store for you.

So pass it on…spread the word…live from love!

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!


4 Feb

Believe, Dream..

Believe…believe that you can achieve anything, believe that life is amazing, believe that you are brilliant at anything you put your mind to, believe in love.

Dream…dream of a life worth living & start taking steps towards that life. The Universe will always conspire to deliver you that life or something so much better. Dream big! Dream often!

Live…live your life! Please, I implore you not to waste one more day waiting for something to happen to you. Make it happen! That’s the only way you move your life forward! Be brave!

Inspire…inspire your loved ones to create their ultimate life! Always and I can’t stress this enough, always lead by example. Even the smallest step will inspire someone else to lead a happier, more love-filled life!

Love…give love, receive love, be love. Love truly is all you need. With this emotion you can change the world & didn’t Ghandi tell us to be the change we wanted to see in this world? If we all lived from a place of love, do you realise what type of effect that would have around this beautiful planet of ours?


Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

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