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create a happy harmonious life!

29 Apr


Until next time…think big & blossom!


getting back to nature.

13 Jan

With all the hot weather we’ve had here in Perth I have stayed away from the beach. It has been much too hot to brave the scorching sand that lies between the carpark and the water. Today, however, was much cooler so after work I went down to spend time scrunching the sand with my toes and really getting my connection back to Source.

The wind had other things in mind. In Perth we have a wind called the Fremantle Doctor and it blows in every afternoon in summer. Today it happened to be gale force and after two minutes of my legs being blasted by sand and my mouth being full of the stuff I walked back to the relative safety of the walking track.

Whilst the beach was not very welcoming for swimmers (in fact, they had no swimming signs up because the surf was so rough), it was very beautiful in a wind swept way. Clouds streaked across the sky, covering the sun, giving the afternoon a hazy look. Sea mist filled the air and remnants of sunlight filtered down onto the dark grey ocean giving the ocean a silvery look. Being rough, there were white peaks of foam everywhere – it was all so dramatic and melancholy.

Standing there watching the waves roll up onto the shore, I asked God, what did he want of me. A whisper on the wind settled in my ear with the words “Believe, have faith”. “But I do believe,” I whispered to no one. “In you,” came the reply.

This stopped me in my tracks. Why is it that it is always the hardest thing to do that will create the biggest change in your life? I suppose the Universe didn’t want to make it too easy for us. I find that to believe in myself, to have faith in my abilities, is something I struggle with. If you are into numerology you will know that people with a life path 11/2 are destined to be inspirational teachers, some of us on a global scale. You would also know that self doubt is a major weakness for this life path and something that I struggle with constantly. It’s a thorn in my side and a change I have been told I need to work on if I ever want to create the life I dream about.

I really don’t know how I can overcome this. It is something that has followed me my whole life and now I need to strive to find a way to beat it. Otherwise the circle will repeat itself and I am determined not to take this ride again. Any suggestions?

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

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