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defining our terms…

14 Nov

We are put here on this beautiful Earth to live a life of love & joy. We are here to experience all that life has to offer. The ups and downs, the swings and roundabouts. All learning experiences and experiences that should ultimately create a life of joy. So why do so many of us let our lives be defined by other people’s terms, other people’s wishes.

As children we do what our parents tell us to do and for the most part we are given rules and regulations to keep us safe. It gives us boundaries and a foundation from which to grow. Then as we get older we are supposed to define our own terms for living, yet so rarely do we get to do this. The society in which we grow up in plays a big part in moulding us, not always for the better. And even when we are doing things in a way that is not congruent with our heart and soul, if the rest of society is doing it then we are less likely to question it and rather follow blindly the terms that have been set before us.

This has to change.

We need to start defining life by our own terms, by what makes our heart sing. The only way we can get to experience the quintessential truth of who we are is by defining the terms of our life, following the rules that we were born with, which if truth be known is usually only one rule – to live a life filled with joy and love.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Follow your heart, your mind and your gut. These three brains make up one big brain that can put you on the right path to living a life that is blessed with great joy, abundant love and wonderful experiences. A life which is defined by our own terms is a life well lived. Don’t go to your deathbed and wish that you had done things differently. Live, love and laugh your way through a life filled with wonderful memories and cherished relationships. These will be the things you take with you to your next life.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!


someone to watch over me…

11 Oct


Just lately I have been having some very strange encounters. No they are not encounters of the third kind but rather encounters of the celestial kind…angels…archangels to be precise.

I have seen them for many years but usually as a wisp, floating in and out of my consciousness or dropping in to leave a message or help with healing (mine or a clients). But lately something’s changed within myself that has opened a door to a whole new experience. Let me give you an example.

Every week I try to do a walk along the coast. We have some beautiful coastal walks here in WA and it really keeps me grounded. When I have finished my walk, before I get back into my car, I stop and take in the moment. Usually the sun is setting over the ocean and everything is bathed in the last rays of sunshine before dusk. I close my eyes and breathe this light in and say thank you for the peace and serenity that I feel. However, the last few times I have done this I have felt a heat on my right side. It couldn’t possibly be the sun because I’m facing the sun. In my mind’s eye I see a soft yellow colour and in my right ear I hear the words, “Everything will be alright”. Then I feel this unbelievable joy, joy so overwhelming that it makes me catch my breath and I almost lose my balance. Then it is gone.

I knew the first time it happened that I had been visited by an angel. But one that was unfamiliar to me. So I went back to my books and asking for guidance opened the page up on Archangel Uriel. I instantly felt a connection and knew this was who I had been visited by. Uriel helps show you the light through epiphanies and insights. He helps you see what step you are to take next. I have been feeling a bit indecisive of late and therefore dragging my feet in moving forward. And in the last few weeks I have been having insight after insight into why I am here and what I need to do to fulfil my life purpose.

We are all looked over by these celestial beings. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a religious group (I certainly don’t) or if you are an atheist. They watch over all of us. I had a hard time accepting them at first because I associated angels with religion and well me and religion don’t really get on. But then as I read more I realised that angels were a part of God, not a part of religion and once I accepted this, I found that they enriched my spiritual experiences for the better. Now I call on Archangel Michael whenever I need courage or protection or both. I call on Archangel Gabriel when I need to get my message across clearly and I call on Archangel Metatron when I need to get in touch with my feelings more or if I need to clear my energy.

I know I don’t usually write about this but this blog is about love and I think Archangels pretty much rule the roost when it comes to love. We could all take a page out their book. Our world would be filled with more love and compassion if we did. And it is nice to know that I have someone watching over me, guiding me towards creating my dream life.

Life is so much more than we can see with our eyes. It is so much more than we can smell, taste or touch. As you awaken your sixth sense, the world explodes into a kaleidoscope of colour & sound. Most of all it is an orchestra of emotion that sweeps you up and hurls you forward into the Universe to experience life as one with everything else. It is literally an awe inspiring, mind blowing experience that we are all hurtling toward, whether we believe in it or not!

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

NB. This gorgeous artwork of Archangel Metatron was done by Marius Michael-George. For more of his artwork please go to http://www.MariusFineArt.com.

hope for a new generation

28 Sep

Be Love - Copyrighted

I have said it before so sorry if I keep repeating myself but I try not to focus on the news. It is after all one of the most depressing things you’ll see or read all day, especially at the moment with all the chaos happening around the world.

A lot of people think I bury my head in the sand but I believe that for my sanity and the sanity of the world that it helps not to focus on all the negativity and instead focus on love. It is without a doubt the only thing we need right now. Love would stop all this madness because when you come from a place of love it is impossible to commit the atrocities that are being committed at the moment.

If I let my imagination play havoc with my thoughts & think about a world without love, I start to fear for the generations coming up behind me. How does this endless stream of greed, control & violence affect their outlook on life? Does it desensitise them so  that it only becomes worse or will it eventually get to the point where it implodes upon itself and from it comes a period of love and happiness? I can only pray that it is the latter.

If you are a bringer of peace, a purveyor of love then I ask you to spread your story to the masses. It is time for us to focus on the possibilities that life can bring us and not on this chaos that is happening now. If what we think about, we bring about, isn’t it only sensible that we start to think about love and peace? For the sake of humanity, we have to change our way of thinking, we have to start to spread peace, not hate, make love, not war and accept each & every one of us as we are unconditionally. No one needs to change, we all just need to learn to adopt a live and let live attitude.

There is hope for the next generation but only if we start practicing a loving attitude today.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

peace, love & mung beans…

14 Sep

I try not to read the newspapers or watch news programmes. I feel that we only perpetuate global negativity by focusing on what the media is paid to tell us. Some people call me naive or tell me that I’m sticking my head in the sand. Well each to their own – I’m fine with that. I only want to focus on love, happiness and peace and I find it very hard to do this when I watch media reports of all the latest atrocities being committed across the world. However, I do understand why this is happening.

Chaos always reigns supreme when you go through change. This applies to one person or to a global population. For so long the world has been run by male dominant energies and as we move into the Golden Age it is only natural for the Earth to start a balancing & cleansing process where male and female energies come back into balance, where we women take our place beside men as equals. Now is a time of chaos and the less spiritually enlightened may feel like the world is a terrible, violent, angry place. But for those of us who are more sensitive to energy, you may feel the underlying current coming through that is imbued with love & peace. In fact, it is our job to remain calm and help spread this energy to all that we can.

I have said this before and I will say it again – life is self-sustaining. Mother Earth will only take so much crap from us before she puts her foot down and says this is how it’s going to be. For us to go into the Golden Age we need to clear out all the old negative energy and find a place in our lives for unconditional love for all things. As you can see, it’s not going to be easy. For hundreds and hundreds of years, we have been made to believe that anything female is weak and less than. Females and female energy has been supressed by greed and corruption. It has even gotten to the point where women feel they need to become “men” in order to succeed in this world. I have met some women who are so hard and uncompromising. Without the softness of female energy, without the compassion or quiet strength of female energy, I’m afraid to say that we are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs.

I have faith that we can do this, that we can bring about the change we so desperately want. The world is run by a minority of bullying & greedy beings and now is the time to take back our power and say no more. From now on we, the majority, are going to run things, starting with a return to the balance of all that is.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

PS mung beans are optional…

happy, happy, joy, joy!

27 Aug

Life is great! Life is fabulous! Life is…whatever you make it! So why not make it big & beautiful? We are on this planet for such a short time so I think it is very important to live as our real selves, our quintessential selves. Be true to yourself for you are the only person who can make yourself happy. And happiness is all we are here for – to experience joy. What gives you joy is different for everyone. It could be being of service to others or creating masterpieces or just ensuring your kids are loved well. Whatever your joy, your passion, bring it into your life without delay. When you feel joy in one area of your life, it spreads to the other areas of your life – career, family, relationships, health, etc.

Regardless of what we have been told by the media, we do not need the latest sports car or $100,000 sitting in our bank account to be happy. Whilst these things are nice to have, our happiness should not rely upon outside influences. Everything you need to be happy lies within. Close your eyes, breathe and it will come to you. Feeling joy just for the sake of it, is the best feeling in the world. It is a joy that is boundless. It is a joy that encompasses all of you. It fills you with an energy that gives you the courage to face your fears and move forward towards the life of your dreams. It can be loud and brash or quiet and soothing. Embrace it and you will see your life change beyond your wildest imaginings.

So think big, think happy and be true to yourself.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

joy, joy, joy, from my head down to my toes

28 May

Joy. One of the highest emotions you can feel. When you’re filled with joy you can achieve the most amazing things. You feel better, your skin glows and people are strangely attracted to you.

Every day you should do something to bring you joy…a hug from your favourite person, watching a sunset or sunrise, watching your favourite feelgood movie or having a bath. Anything! Just bring joy into your life, raise your vibration and step into the flow of life!

Until next time…think big & blossom!

letting go…

2 Apr

No this is not another rant but this entry is about the media and the way it helps mould the world around us. I am always saddened by how the most horrible examples of humanity and nature are usually the top news stories of the day and the examples of us being loving and compassionate are usually left for the fluff pieces at the end of the news. We are bombarded with the latest update of whatever gruesome thing is happening at the time.

Take the media frenzy at the moment about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Number one, there is so much misinformation being spread around by media groups that have not one thought for the families and friends of the people on that plane. Number two, I know if I was one of those people I would not want to be reminded that my loved one is missing every time I look at my TV or turn on my radio. It is a terrible thing that has happened but I don’t understand why we can’t let the story go so that families and friends can grieve and gain some strength back.It doesn’t mean that the search won’t go on. It just means we give ourselves some respite from it all.

I remember when I was younger and there was that landslide in Thredbo, NSW where Stuart Diver was the only survivor. I particularly remember the news story being streamed 24/7. And whilst it was a story of great determination, courage and bravery, it was also a story about a man who had just lost his wife and now had to put aside his grief to be able to survive himself and it was being spoon fed to us by the media and we were lapping it up. Solid gold tragedy for the media!

Now I’ve read that an earthquake has hit Chile and that they and the surrounding countries are on tsunami alert. “Breaking News!”, “See the latest here” – the headlines are screaming at me from my computer screen. Another tragedy for the media to lap up.

What we focus on, we create more of and the media feed us tragedy and mishap as often as they can. Is it any wonder that every day more news hits the headlines in the same vein? We need to remember to let go. Yes we need to be informed, but then we need to let it go. If you want to do something, do it! Volunteer, donate, whatever it is that needs to be done but then let…it…go. Instead of focusing on the latest update, focus instead on seeing a positive outcome for the people and/or environment involved.

I think I have mentioned before that I have made a choice to not watch the news, or read the papers to stop myself from focusing on the negative. There will always be something happening in the world that is horrible and saddening. This is a fact of life. But I think it is time to start focusing on the positive, start believing in the undeniable good that is in this world and hopefully, just hopefully our media will start to focus on this as well.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

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