Hi my name is Amanda French & this is my blog about love. As a Clairvoyant Medium I get a lot of my clients coming to me with questions about love. Granted that most of these are about romantic love but as we evolve spiritually, I’m finding a lot more clients are interested in finding out about living from their Higher Selves, or rather living from love.

I find that the media does a lot of focussing on the negativity in this world & I would like to bring in a more positive, loving outlook to life. I’m sure that many people would agree with me…you can never have too much love. So with this thought in mind, I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I hope it leaves you feeling inspired to bring just a little more love into your day.

You can see more at my website www.amandafrench.com.au.

Thanks for reading.

Until Next Time…Think Big & Blossom!

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